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She isn’t any kind of hero(or villain for that matter). She is basically rebelling against her father, the african warlord Joshua Serengheti, when he  took her from her mother when she a young girl and gave her up to MAPPO in order to breed Elephantmen…

 Her father let the boys have their ways with her. Unable to deal with her father and the trauma Sahara escaped with a U.N. convoy.

Years later after the end of the war between China and Africa she returned to MAPPO and saw their creations and pitied them. She took part of their rehabilitation process. She is now engaged to the most famous Elephantmen Obadiah Horn,this has cause many controversies around the world; needless to say her father is not happy about the situation and vows to kill both Sahara and Horn. She currently lives in the Ivory Towers where she is heavily guarded. she manages to sneak out from time to time using Panya as her double.

In the end, she is murdered by The Silencer.