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Karako Koshio aka Game Fowl

I have no idea what race this girl is, but shes got dark skin. I’m just going to file her under POC.

Karako Koshio makes an appearance in the gore filled TV series, Deadman Wonderland. For those of you who don’t know what that is, they are currently running it on Adult Swim on Saturdays under their “vintage” timeslot along with Cowboy Be-Bop, Casshern and Bleach. 

Deadman Wonderland, originally a manga, isn’t for the younger audience. There is vulguar language, sexual innuendos and loads of blood to make you want to pass out. 

Like most of the POC that we see in anime/superhero themes, Karako has that signature white hair against dark skin. Her hair is to her ears, she has brownish/yellow eyes and she appears to be an adult.

In deadman, she is nicknamed as Game Fowl; as the second-in-command of Scar Chain, a rebellion, she secretly loves the character Owl and fights for his sake. Unlike the other Deadmen, she appears to have been a capable fighter before obtaining her Branch of sin. She uses an unnamed martial art and is shown to implement it when with her branch. She is able to cover her fists and feet with her blood for defense and additional power. She can also gather more blood than usual, to create a rock-like formation around her hand, therefor, doing more damage than a “normal” cover. She can also cover her entire body in blood and also seal wounds..

*Cosplay picture found @: Cosplayas

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