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Real name, Janet Eloise Moorhead, published by Wildstorm Comics, Ja’nelle is affiliated with a team named Gen 13.

She has a natural affinity for unarmed combat and has an enhanced physical body at the peak of human perfection with superhuman strength. She has psychic and telepathic abilities that allow her to peer into others minds to see the truth at all times. She can communicate telepathically and see people’s deepest fears.

She can release an astral form and see ghosts as well. On one occasion, she even manifested psychic armor. She later bonded with the powers of a girl with a dragon tattoo. This gives her control over a dragon energy being with superhuman strength, the power to breathe fire and razor sharp claws. Ja’Nelle can use the dragon for flight and to transport herself and others over large distances.

Being born into an affluent and influential family to Alan Moorhead law professor at Colombia University and mother Clarice, senior adviser of national security affairs, office in the west. As a result of her parents important and time consuming jobs they were often busy to spend much time with her. She became rebellious as a result. Before her powers manifested, she was a short, chubby girl who wore baggy clothes and befriended known gangsters. This drove an even bigger rift between herself and her mother who strongly disapproved of her daughters friends, clothes and manner of speech.

When her powers manifested, she grew over  six feet of pure toned and honed muscle. Afraid, she fled to her “friends” where her new telepathic powers enabled her to see that they intended to rape her. She lashed out with her superhuman strength, before being recruited into the new Gen 13 team. 

She also movied in with her grandmother; the only stablizing force in her life and began dating teammate Ethan York. Ja’nelle was instrumental in many of her team’s adventures due to her assortment of abilities. Together they later rescued the original Gen-13 then disappeared. 

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