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Kiran is the daughter of archaelogists Vijay and Rani. They are from Delhi, India, but because of her parents jobs, she follows them around the world in search of artifacts and archaeological sites. During the Great Britain Archaeological Conference in London, she met Wonder Girl, making friends with her instantly.

Together, they fought against Lady Zand, the ruler of Zandia, who was trying to steal some of the artifacts in the sample at the Conference. By joining forces, Solstice and Wonder Girl prevented the acts by Zand, but the thief escaped.

Later, Kiran is in Mohenjo-Daro, Pakistan, alongside her archeologist parents and fellow archeologist Helena Sandsmark, who is the mother of Wonder Girl. While some of the other researchers have fled the dig site after recent discoveries, the foursome carried on. During the night, Vijay and Rani investigate the site when they suddenly go missing, prompting Kiran to begin searching for them.

The Teen Titans are called in by Kiran’s parents’ compatriot Dr. Helena Sandsmark. As she urges the team to help her find her parents, Kiran has began to affect the team and injects new life into it. Raven is instantly weary of her as she emits pure light, something that could be considered dangerous to her. Kid Flash shows an immediate romantic interest in her, prompting him to show off in front of her. The team encounters Indian demon Tataka and it is assumed that the demon has a role in the disappearance of Kiran’s parents.

As the new Teen Titans form, Bart is locked in a holding cell for N.O.W.H.E.R.E.. Soon enough he escapes and runs down the halls. Initially trying to find his cell neighbor, Bart stumbles upon a holding cell labeled “Solstice”. There he finds her as she is crying for help, completely covered in smoke. He saves her and they find their way to Red Robin with the aid of Danny the Street.

Solstice is a fairly new character and not much is known about her powers, except the fact that it allows her to fly, control and create light.

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