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Aaliyah (Queen of the Damned)

Aaliyah Dana Haughton played a villian named Akasha in a vampire horror film(a loose adaptation of the third novel of Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles series,) The Queen of the Damned. 

Now for the people who actually read this book before the movie came out, it has A LOT of different things that never happened in the movie. There are 3 books; One being The Vampire Lestat and the book The Queen of the Damned.

[SPOILERS BELOW-If you plan on reading the book]

Akasha, which was played by Aaliyah, was suppose to have really white skin. Meaning she was suppose to be played by a white woman. Aaliyah did a good job as Akasha nonetheless.

Besides the color of the stars skin, things that were off about this movie is that is was all about Lestat. The movie was called Queen of the Damned. Not, The Vampire Lestat. You rarily saw Akasha. In the book, the main focus was on Akasha and the Legend of the Twins. Lestats concert and trying to kill all the vampires were a subplot. At the end of the movie, when Akasha says, “We’ve got a score to settle,” to Maharet, it didn’t make any sense seeing as they never established any conflict between the two or the other vampires. So what score was this? The book makes the conflict loud and clear.

They also didn’t include Louis in the movie which allows you to believe they didn’t want any gay overtones. Lestat is happy about the death of Akasha in the movie, but in the book, he is devastated. He couldn’t even speak her name.  Basically, if you want the real story, read the book. There is so much more to the book that was left out in the movie, its ridiculous.

By July 2001, author Anne Rice had mellowed her previous stance on the film, much as she had with Interview. When asked about the film’s progress, she answered:

"Everything I hear about the movie is good. Warner Bros. is extremely enthusiastic. They are working very hard to make it perfect. I have no real news. Let me repeat what I mentioned in a recent message. I met Stuart Townsend, the young man who is playing Lestat and he was absolutely charming. He had Lestat’s excellent speaking voice and his feline grace. I cannot wait to see him in the film."

By late 2001, Rice had seen the completed film and was sufficiently satisfied to allow her name to be used on promotional materials, she later became disillusioned about it and dismissed the film in 2003, stating that a television series format would be more suited to her work.

On her Facebook page, any time the subject is brought up, she repeatedly comments that The Queen of the Damned film is not something she can understand or embrace, that she encouraged them not to do the film and that it hurt her to see her work “mutilated” the way it was.

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