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In the comic version, Puff happens to be a Hispanic bang baby partnered up with Coil. Static defeats her by mixing water into her body. This caused her to form into a “big” girl which halted her from using her powers. 

In the Cartoon series however, she was portrayed as an African-American girl. Partnered with Onyx, they tried to become bounty hunters and capture Rubberband Man after he escaped from prison. They were then defeated by Static and since then, were made into villains.

Published by: Milestone

Abilities: Chemical Secretion, Density Control, Flight and Poisonous

Origin: Mutant

Sondra Fuller aka Clayface aka Lady Clay 

Sondra Fuller is the fourth and only female Clayface who was an agent of Kobra. She possessed the same abilities as Matt Hagen, but is more powerful. Sondra agreed to undergo an experiment involving shapeshifting because she hated her own face. She gained the shapechanging abilities of Matt Hagen, but at a much higher level. She can mimic the powers of anything she transforms into. However, unlike Hagen who returns to normal after some time and requires a particular protoplasm before he can become Clayface again, Sondra cannot return to normal, which she finds both a curse and a blessing.

As Lady Clay, she has battled the Outsiders and even formed a team with the other Clayfaces called the Mud Pack. During the events of the Mud Pack, Sondra Fuller began masquerading as the hero Looker and visited Preston at Arkham. That same night, he got into an argument with Helena and unintentionally knocked her head off. Believing he killed her, Preston went on a rampage until subdued in a nearby swamp by the Asylum guards. He was rescued by Fuller, who was still using Looker’s appearance and powers, and used them to make Preston obey the commands of Basil Karlo, the first Clayface. Karlo ultimately betrayed Fuller and injected himself with Fuller’s and Preston’s blood. After Preston finally broke free of Fuller’s control, he was about to kill her when she admitted how sorry she was for using him. The two fell in love and went on to live together in the hills outside Gotham, and Fuller became pregnant with their child, Cassius.

During Knightfall, Sondra attacked Azrael who was wearing the Bat-costume and was filling in for Batman.

Her motivation for the attack turned out to be that the villain Abattoir had kidnapped her son, Cassius Clay, and blackmailed them into returning to Gotham, where Preston should kidnap Graham while Sondra distracted Batman. The plan almost worked, but Azrael pressed the panic button on his modified costume releasing a sudden burst of energy that knocked out Sondra. He injected her with an anesthetic and left her for the police.


Published by Malibu, Brazen is a Mutant who first appears in, The Strangers, issue #15 — she is the partner of Gangsta, a gang leader and an enforcer. They share their special ability to channel the powers of Ra, the sun god.

They have a limit, however: Gangsta can only use his special powers during the day and Brazen can only use them at night. They also serve as energy sources for each other, so if Gangsta is defeated at night, Brazen won’t be able to access her abilities.

Brazen was approached by Pilgrim to join his gang and defeat The Strangers, thought they only met defeat. She has not been seen since their defeat.

It has been revealed that Brazen is the mother of Zip Zap, the super-fast member of the Strangers.

Blue Ice

Blue Ice aka Constance was a Mutant in DC Comics.

Created by Doselle Young and John McCrea, her first and last appearance was in Wonder Woman #154, 2000

With no known affiliations, she had the ability to amplify the radioactivity in a persons blood causing combustion.

Blue Ice was a villain who fought Wonder woman and unfortunately died in the very same issue that she made her debut.

Aaliyah (Queen of the Damned)

Aaliyah Dana Haughton played a villian named Akasha in a vampire horror film(a loose adaptation of the third novel of Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles series,) The Queen of the Damned. 

Now for the people who actually read this book before the movie came out, it has A LOT of different things that never happened in the movie. There are 3 books; One being The Vampire Lestat and the book The Queen of the Damned.

[SPOILERS BELOW-If you plan on reading the book]

Akasha, which was played by Aaliyah, was suppose to have really white skin. Meaning she was suppose to be played by a white woman. Aaliyah did a good job as Akasha nonetheless.

Besides the color of the stars skin, things that were off about this movie is that is was all about Lestat. The movie was called Queen of the Damned. Not, The Vampire Lestat. You rarily saw Akasha. In the book, the main focus was on Akasha and the Legend of the Twins. Lestats concert and trying to kill all the vampires were a subplot. At the end of the movie, when Akasha says, “We’ve got a score to settle,” to Maharet, it didn’t make any sense seeing as they never established any conflict between the two or the other vampires. So what score was this? The book makes the conflict loud and clear.

They also didn’t include Louis in the movie which allows you to believe they didn’t want any gay overtones. Lestat is happy about the death of Akasha in the movie, but in the book, he is devastated. He couldn’t even speak her name.  Basically, if you want the real story, read the book. There is so much more to the book that was left out in the movie, its ridiculous.

By July 2001, author Anne Rice had mellowed her previous stance on the film, much as she had with Interview. When asked about the film’s progress, she answered:

"Everything I hear about the movie is good. Warner Bros. is extremely enthusiastic. They are working very hard to make it perfect. I have no real news. Let me repeat what I mentioned in a recent message. I met Stuart Townsend, the young man who is playing Lestat and he was absolutely charming. He had Lestat’s excellent speaking voice and his feline grace. I cannot wait to see him in the film."

By late 2001, Rice had seen the completed film and was sufficiently satisfied to allow her name to be used on promotional materials, she later became disillusioned about it and dismissed the film in 2003, stating that a television series format would be more suited to her work.

On her Facebook page, any time the subject is brought up, she repeatedly comments that The Queen of the Damned film is not something she can understand or embrace, that she encouraged them not to do the film and that it hurt her to see her work “mutilated” the way it was.

Aaliyah was a such great artist and a beautiful, wonderful woman who was taken away from us in her prime. She was killed in an airplane accident in the bahamas after shooting her famed song, "Rock the boat". There were rumors of the pilot not being certified in aircraft and other rumors about the pilot being on drugs. The plane Cessna 402B reported to have engine failure upon liftoff and exploded on impact just 200 feet beyond the end of a runway at Marsh Harbour International Airport on Abaco Island at 6:45 p.m., All of her crew and the pilot died as well.

White Cat


White Cat is the counterpart of Black Canary; she is a villain and her powers include Sonic Scream. 

*I’ve been searching for an hour for more information and I’ve come up empty. If you know anything about her, please feel free to help out :)

New Moon

An African-American woman who uses cryokinesis to fire blasts of intensely cold dark energy.She was apart of The Moondancers;  a DC Comics team of radical pacifist terrorists. Created by David A Kraft, L.B. Kellog and Jerome K. Moore.

They would seek out to sabotage military satellites and weapons installations in a misguided attempt to end all wars..

Batman was brought in to investigate the scene of one of their assaults. The next time the Moondancers attempt to prevent the launch of a military communications satellite, Batman tries to stop them and is nearly killed, causing Superman to be summoned!

During a clash with both Superman AND Batman, the man behind the Moondancers is revealed to be a japaense scientist named Nakamura, a survivor of Hiroshima who was unhinged by the event. Nakamura is badly injured after a failed attempt to destroy the satellite himself.

According to The Moondancers, they only engage in violence in order to bring world peace. Batman and superman let them go, because batman says, “We can’t condone their methods, but we cant condemn them for their goals.”


Nothing is known about the villainess called Starshrike. She recently joined the original Cadre, replacing Shrike III, who had died on a Suicide Squad mission years earlier. Starshrike seems to possess all the powers of her predecessor – including flight and a sonic scream – but it is not known how she gained those. Starshrike and the Cadre raided several high-tech companies in San Fransisco under the leadership of Doctor Polaris, but were all defeated by the Power Company.


14 was one of over a hundred runaways abducted by the Adrenamix Corporation (a subsidiary of the Gaulthing Corporation). Adrenamix subjected their prisoners to psionic experiments which led to a wide variety of superhuman powers. 14 could secrete a sticky resin which she could project as streams or tendrils to wrap or bind others. (She is a Villain on earth-616.)

President and CEO Anderson Gaulthing referred to this batch of test subjects as the “Psigns of the Times”. One of the Psigns was his own daughter Alison Gaulthing. Alison attempted to escape from the Adrenamix facility and the Psigns were sent to retrieve her. They chased her across a rooftop near Yancy Street, but Alison died while trying to evade capture. 14 and the others began to fear that they would be blamed for her death. Investigating the Adrenamix activities was the New Warrior known as Justice. Justice fought against the Psigns.


Updated post! Here is a post I made of her when I first started this blog:


Born and raised in Haiti, she showed an affinity for magic from an early stage. Her family itself had a strong magical lineage, her sister also wielded magic. She was a natural with Voodoo and reveled in the dark arts. When Kraven the hunter came to her land after he had given up the hunt, it was she whose lust and thrill of the hunt reignited his fire. As his lover she tried to get him to resume his hunt of Spider-man though he had come to realize his obsessive behavior and tried not to. When Kraven transported wild animals to New York she freed them and framed Spider-man. Kraven and Spider-man clashed and she found herself behind bars though they escaped. Thinking he must humble spider-man to be worthy of Calypso’s love he hunted his foe again. On the cusp of victory,  she realized she had drugged his foe and let him live since there was no honor in his defeat. They were again arrested by the authorities.

After Kraven’s suicide she fell deeper into the dark magics and truly became evil. Returning to Haiti she increased her powers by sacrificing her sister, the sorceress Mambo and added her considerable powers to her own. To avenge her fallen love she used her powers to enthrall the Lizard and had him attack Spider-man. The trio barely escaped when Kraven’s mansion blew up.

She then turned her sights to Daredevil in hell’s Kitchen as she tried to resurrect her lover. She poisoned Daredevil and made him a “nameless one” and bound his will to her own. With an army of undead she tried to gather enough people from her own land to sacrifice in exchange for Kraven’s soul. When Daredevil regained control however and freed all the zombies from her control and set them against her she managed to escape in a coffin as the building collapsed around her.

Next she killed another voodoo practitioner and resurrected Simon Garth as her slave in a test for resurrecting Kraven. When this was complete, she broke into the Vault to free the Lizard. He was now resistant to her mind control and killed her. She resurrected herself by placing her soul inside a talisman which the Zombie Garth carried with him. She schemed with Kraven’s son Alyosha Kravinoff to kill spider-man but when the combatants called a truce, Kravinoff fled with her and killed her once they arrived at his mansion. Again she resurrected herself and clashed with Daredevil and Spider-man again aided by Garth. How Kraven’s return has affected her is unknown.