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The thing about Kida is, she isn’t a Disney Princess.. she isn’t apart of any comics either. She is basically a made up story to the myth(or mystery) of The lost City of Atlantis. So, I am categorizing her here because she deserves a place to be represented.

Technically she isn’t white or black or any other mainstream race. She is an Atlantean and like all Atlanteans, Kida has white hair and dark tanned skin. She has blue colored tattoos, which appear to change slightly after she becomes Queen. She also wears a shard of the crystal around her neck. As a princess, she wears only a simple blue bikini, the bottoms are covered with sarong type skirt and she goes around barefoot, but changes into more elaborate clothing after becoming Queen. With the power of the Atlantean crystal, Kida and the other Atlanteans are given abnormally long lives. Though Kida is roughly 8,500 - 8,800 years old (according to Milo), she physically resembles someone in their early 20’s.

She is also a warrior princess, making her strong and very skilled at combat. It is mentioned that several thousand years ago, Kida would have killed outsiders on sight. By the present time, however, Kida is very curious about Atlantis’s past, to the point that she is willing to let in outsiders with the hope that they could help her rediscover Atlantis’s history. She is shown to love her father, and later Milo, very much, but is not afraid to express her curiosity about the surface. Although she can seem quite forceful, violent, and aggressive at times, she has a kind heart, and a general respect for all creatures.